Product Register

Here you'll register the purchase of your Heat Tech geysers. You'll earn points as per the details below. When you reach 1000 points, R500 cash is automatically  allocated to your gift card. 

Product  effective 1st September 2019   Points *
Electric Geyser 10L / 15L / 30L  150
Electric Geyser 50L / 150L  75
Electric Geyser 100L (DOUBLE UP DEAL promotion currently running)  200
Electric Geyser 200L  150
Electric Geyser  250L 150
Solar Geyser 100L / 150L / 200L 150
Heat Pump 3.2kw / 5kw / 7.2kw 150

*Excluding spare parts and accessories. From time to time the point allocation for products sold may change, so keep an eye on the website for the latest schedule. Ts&C’s Apply.

Product Registration